`Develop a design concept and make prototypes based on corresponding lecture and workshop. Your project should reflect connection between theory and practice.ยด
I have observed that there is a variety of ways to play exquisite corpse game, but all of them have one thing in common: they are related to drawing somehow with different media, with tracing paper, objects, walls, digital illustrations...
I came up with something new, what if we turned this rules and used them to create music?

And that is how my conditional design game was meant to be.
I have produced a little book in which I explain how to make your own mix tape by playing exquisite corpse game.
It is a collaborative game in which the players are going to create a music piece separately and without knowing what the others are doing and afterward combining them all.
I have developed my own illustrations and sketches of the program outline in order to make it simple and more attractive.
I did not want to use any pictures of the actual program because in every upload version they change the design and if I want this book to endure I have to make sure I just use the essential parts that they are not going to change in any further versions.
In order to create the music we are going to use a simply music software which it is called Ableton. I am explaining every step and teaching how to play the game in this pocket book.
The final book it has been submitted physically in the Admissions office.
With a USB with all the files and illustrations inside.
Final Project Task: